Joe O'Reilly has lodged the grounds of his appeal against his conviction for the murder of his wife, Rachel.

Mr O'Reilly was convicted of Rachel's murder in July and lodged notice of his appeal in August.

It is understood, the grounds will include a claim that Mr Justice White was wrong to admit evidence of a statement made by Mr O'Reilly to gardaí on the evening of Rachel's murder.

It is also understood the grounds include a claim that the judge should not have allowed the prosecution to bring in evidence of interviews Mr O'Reilly gave in custody. The defence says it was clear to the jury that Mr O'Reilly exercised his right to remain silent for most of the time he was interviewed.

Mr O'Reilly's legal team is also believed to be challenging the analysis of CCTV footage by prosecution witness Andrew Laws and the admission into evidence of mobile phone records showing Mr O'Reilly's mobile phone was in north Dublin on the morning Rachel was murdered.

It is also claimed that emails found on Joe O'Reilly's computer should not have been admitted into evidence without proof that such emails were sent by or received by him.

The defence also claims those emails dated from four months before the murder and therefore were prejudicial to Mr O'Reilly and should not have been allowed into evidence.

It is believed Mr O'Reilly's legal team will also claim Mr Justice Barry White should have directed the jury to bring in a not guilty verdict because the evidence was tenuous and did no more than raise a suspicion of Mr O'Reilly's guilt.

Mr O'Reilly may make an application in December for a hearing date for his appeal. It is likely to be heard some time next year.