The High Court has been told that the whereabouts of a solicitor whose practice was shut down by the Law Society yesterday are unknown.

Thomas Byrne, from Lad Lane, Baggot St, Dublin, with a practice in Walkinstown, is being investigated by the Law Society.

Mr Byrne's practice is the second to be shut down by the Law Society in the last week and a half.

IIB Bank has also taken action against him in relation to a €9m loan granted to Mr Byrne in September.

This morning, a barrister for Bank of Scotland indicated to the High Court that it also has several mortgages with Mr Byrne.

Michael Cush SC for IIB Bank told the court that it had made several attempts to contact Mr Byrne after the court granted freezing orders against his accounts on Monday.

He said they had been unsuccessful in their efforts to contact him.

He said they were now looking for an order compelling National Irish Bank and in particular the Walkinstown branch of NIB to disclose details of Mr Byrne's bank accounts.

IIB Bank wants details of his accounts from 7 September when the cheque for €9m was drawn down until last Monday when the freezing orders were granted.

The court has been told that IIB Bank granted the €9m after Mr Byrne offered 20 other properties as security.

But the court heard around a dozen of these properties were already mortgaged with several other financial institutions.

Mr Byrne told IIB Bank last Friday that he would fax through a letter showing that loans received from another bank, Anglo Irish Bank Corporation, had been discharged.

However the letter never arrived and Mr Byrne has not been in contact since.

The court has also been told that there may be difficulties with properties mortgaged by clients of Mr Byrne.

For example, one property registered in Mr Byrne's name is actually mortgaged by a couple who are clients of his.

The Law Society carried out an audit of Mr Byrne's office on Monday after being contacted by solicitors for IIB Bank. 

Mr Byrne did not show up at his office on Monday.