A blonde girl photographed by a tourist in northern Morocco is not missing British toddler Madeleine McCann.

The child has been identified as Bouchra Benaissa from the village of Zinat, near Tetouan in northern Morocco.

A photo of Bouchra, taken just over three weeks ago by a Spanish tourist, had been plastered over the front pages of British newspapers amid suggestions that she could have been  Madeleine.

But Bouchra's parents produced her birth certificate and other identity documents to prove otherwise.

Madeleine McCann, now aged four, disappeared from her family's holiday apartment in southern Portugal in May.

Bouchra's father said the family was shaken by the media attention that had descended on them.

Bouchra, the youngest of four blonde sisters, according to her father is traumatised by the  unwanted attention.

The family's neighbours expressed concern that the little girl  could have been taken away if her parents had not presented her documents.

It is not unusual for Moroccans from the north of the country,  especially from around the Rif mountains, to have blond hair and  blue eyes.