RTÉ has defended its settlement negotiated with the Independent TD for Mayo, Beverley Flynn, understood to be between €1.2m and €1.3m.

The settlement, which is less than half of what Ms Flynn owes in costs, will be before the High Court next Monday.

RTÉ's Head of Public Affairs Policy, Peter Feeney, said the issue of Ms Flynn's costs was one of debt collection.

He said the station got as much as it thought it possibly could and did so in the interest of the licence fee payers.

Mr Feeney also said he could say with absolute certainty that no political pressure was applied to RTÉ in relation to the matter.

If the settlement is approved on Monday, Mr Feeney said that Ms Flynn would make a one off payment within eight weeks and that would be the end of the matter as far as RTÉ was concerned.

Today Beverley Flynn said she has nothing to apologise for following her failed libel battle with RTÉ.

The case was brought by Ms Flynn over reports that she assisted people to evade tax when she was an employee of National Irish Bank.

Constitutional challenge defended

Speaking on RTÉ Radio's News at One, Ms Flynn said she believes that she was a scapegoat for bank policy and said she will be spending the rest of her working life paying back the debt.

'I never believed I did anything wrong. I have always believed that I have worked within the law,' Ms Flynn said.

She also defended her decision to take a constitutional challenge to the disqualification of TDs who are declared bankrupt.

Ms Flynn said it was a way of protecting her income and paying off the debt she owes to RTÉ.

Both Ms Flynn's constitutional challenge and her settlement with RTÉ are due to be mentioned in the High Court on Monday.

Lawyers for RTÉ and Ms Flynn were in the bankruptcy court this morning, but the case was adjourned until next week because the judge who heard the case last week was not sitting today.

RTÉ began bankruptcy proceedings against Beverley Flynn after she failed to pay almost €3m in costs owed to the station.

Costs were assessed at €2.28m in September 2005 and interest has been accruing at a rate of €500 a day ever since.

Last week, lawyers for RTÉ told the bankruptcy court Ms Flynn had not paid a 'red cent'.

An offer of €590,000 was rejected because RTÉ said they did not believe she had made sufficient effort to pay the full amount.

Over the weekend, Ms Flynn told supporters she had reached a settlement with RTÉ and the amount was understood to be €1.225m.