Japan's 'toiletgate' is heating up as the country's second-biggest maker of high-tech 'washlets' went public with its own tales of malfunction.

INAX Corporation says there were seven cases of its toilet-bidet combinations either smoking or catching fire between 1991 and 2005.

Its announcement follows an admission this week by Toto, Japan's leading 'washlet' maker, that 29 of its products became undesirable places to, well, you know.

No one has been injured by any of the toilets so far.

Toto said it will check 180,000 units for possible repairs, while INAX had recalled 30,000 toilets more than 20 years ago after cases of overheating.

Toto's toilets are famous for warm (though not hot) seats, blow-dryers and even air purifiers.

'We've been promoting a culture of washing one's backside since 1980, and that's given us a 60 percent market share', said Toto spokesman Yasuhiko Matsumoto.