wilf [WILL-f]
-verb the act of becoming distracted while browsing the world wide web, often at work; from the acronym for What Was I Looking For?

Are you a wilfer?

A new study in the UK discovered two out of three British web users lose significant portions of their time, and in some cases their relationships, over irrelevant web browsing.

The phenomenom is known as 'wilfing', short for "What Was I Looking For?"

Wilfers lose two working days a month to aimless browsing, revealed a YouGov poll of more than 2,400 people.

Men being the worst offenders and shopping sites are the most distracting.

The employers of wilfers can lose of time and money and a third of men say temptations from adult entertainment sites have been damaging relationships with their partners.

'Although people log on with a purpose, they are now being offered so much choice and online distraction that many forget what they are there for', said industry analyst Jason Lloyd.

'It's important people do not allow unnecessary online distractions to get in the way when surfing the Internet, as it can affect productivity in the workplace and relationships at home.'

The study does not reveal whether news websites like RTÉ.ie fall under the category of 'distracting'.