The Environment Minister, Dick Roche, has announced that a levy is to be placed on incandescent light bulbs and that motorists driving bigger cars will pay more Vehicle Registration Tax.

The Opposition has criticised today's document calling it 'a greenwash', saying it contains little that is new. 

But Mr Roche dismissed critics, saying the strategy is a synthesis of relevant government policies.

Under the new National Climate Change Strategy, a €15 million public awareness campaign will be launched and a Climate Change Commission will be created to advise the Government.

Mr Roche said his strategy would ensure that Ireland's emissions were reduced and that we would abide by the target set out in the Kyoto Protocol.

Under the plan, reducing emissions will account for 80% of the Government's target, while the remaining 20% will come from purchasing carbon credits.

He said the policy would ensure the country was better positioned to meet the challenge of more ambitious targets which will come at the end of the Protocol's first phase in 2012.