A UN report published this morning has concluded that global climate change is 'very likely' to have been caused by human activities.

The report by the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change said temperatures would probably increase by three degrees by the end of the century.

It also predicted that sea levels would probably rise by 28cm to 43cm.

Head of the UN environment programme, Susan Solomon, said concentrations of global greenhouse gases were higher now than for hundreds of thousands of years.

The report warns that global temperatures could reach catastrophic levels within 100 years and predicts increasingly intense storms, heat waves and heavy rains in the decades to come.

The panel which carried out the study, led by Indian climatologist Rajendra K Pachauri, involved thousands of scientists revealing years of data and establishing, as far as possible, the state of the planet.

An agreed text was signed off late last night and published this morning.

The world expert body is convinced by 90% that global warming is as a result of human activity such as electricity generation and transport.

The report ensures that for politicians, actions need to be taken sooner rather than later.