The British Army helicopter which crashed in Crossmaglen in south Armagh on Sunday evening has been removed from the scene.

A twin-engine British Army Chinook helicopter lifted the crashed Lynx machine from the field where it was lying next to Crossmaglen Rangers GAA club.

It was carried underneath the Chinook en route for the RAF base at Aldergrove Airport near Belfast, where a further investigation will be carried out to establish what caused the crash.

Earlier, the Sinn Féin MP for Crossmaglen in south Armagh said he believes a small and sinister element were behind attacks on PSNI officers guarding the crashed helicopter.

Conor Murphy said he believed those who attacked the police with missiles were opposed to Sinn Féin's peace strategy.

The PSNI says that up to 30 petrol bombs, stones and other missiles were thrown at police officers guarding the site.

No one was injured in the disturbances but two police vehicles were damaged.

Ambulance workers were also attacked by a gang as the injured were being taken from the scene immediately after the crash.

The PSNI says the 'welcome intervention' of local representatives was successful in calming the situation, although the youths later resumed the attacks.