Awards of up to €380,000 are expected to be made to women who had their wombs removed unnecessarily by Dr Michael Neary at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda.

Women who can produce a medical report showing the surgery was unnecessary, and over 40 patients whose medical files are missing, are due to be compensated first.

Judge Maureen Harding Clarke, who has been asked by the Government to devise a redress scheme, met with Department of Health officials today to discuss her proposals.

However the Department of Health has insisted the proposals have still to be finalised.

Under the scheme, individual awards will range between €60,000 and €380,000.

The level of award will depend on the age of the woman, if she already had children before the procedure and whether her ovaries were removed.

A number of outstanding issues remain to be decided, including whether another doctor's cases are to be included in the scheme.

The campaign group Patients Focus says it also wants a small number of women who underwent a number of other gynaecological procedures to be included.