The Israeli air force tonight attacked the site of a bunker in south Beirut used by Hezbollah leaders.

An Israeli spokesman refused to disclose the identity of the Hezbollah leaders targeted or the results of the raids.

Military sources said that some 20 Israeli jets took part in the  operation, dropping 20 tonnes of bombs on the site.

At least 70 civilians were killed and scores injured in a series of deadly Israeli raids across Lebanon in the deadliest day since the bombardment began one week ago.

25 Lebanese civilians were killed and 26 others injured in raids on the village of Srifa, about 30km from the city of Tyre, where 10 houses were destroyed.

Israeli gunboats also took part in the attack on the village, which is about 30km northeast of the city of Tyre.

Lebanon's Prime Minister, Fuad Siniora, has called on the international community to intervene to end an Israeli onslaught  and to rush in badly needed humanitarian aid.

There have been more air strikes in the south and east of Lebanon and Israel has sent ground troops across the border to carry out 'restricted attacks' against Hezbollah outposts.

It has been reported that two Israeli soldiers were killed in what was described as a limited operation against Hezbollah targets.

The Israeli army has not commented.

The clashes were the first direct contact between the two sides since the capture of two Israeli soldiers last week sparked the crisis.

The latest Israeli air strikes hit Hezbollah positions in the capital Beirut, as well as targets in southern and eastern parts of the country.

Meanwhile, more missiles have been fired at the Israeli port city of Haifa, causing several slight injuries.

And Israeli police said an explosion in Tel Aviv was an accident involving flammable materials, and not caused by Hezbollah.

Israel claims 50% of rocket supplies destroyed

The Israeli military has claimed it has now destroyed almost 50% of the rocket and missile supplies of the Lebanon-based militant group.

Israel also struck Hezbollah's 'security perimeter' in Beirut's southern suburbs early this morning. The zone, where the group once maintained its headquarters, has been flattened in previous raids in the last week.

Since the Israeli offensive began, almost 300 people have been killed in fighting inside Lebanon, the majority of whom were civilians. 25 Israelis have been killed, 13 in rocket attacks inside Israel.

Ealier, Mr Siniora accused Israel of 'committing massacres' against Lebanese civilians.

But Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert defended the bombardment, saying it was aimed at obtaining the release of the two Israeli soldiers and the disarmament of Hezbollah in line with an existing UN resolution.