The Government is to review the legislation governing the greyhound industry after the publication this afternoon of the independent report on the controversy within Bord na gCon.

The Government is also to will consider establishing an independent drug testing agency in the wake of the report.

The Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism, John O'Donoghue, said he would be implementing the key recommendations of the Dalton Report, including considering the setting up of a doping control committee to oversee drug testing.

This report was ordered by Mr O'Donoghue following the sacking of the Bord na gCon Chief Executive, Aidan Tynan, last January.

In a letter to Mr O'Donoghue last January, Mr Tynan claimed the board's chairman, Paschal Taggart, had ensured the findings of the use of EPO on two greyhounds, Barefoot Jenny and Westmeath Rumble, had not been published - contrary to established policy.

Mr Tynan felt he was sacked as a result of sending the controversial letter to the Minister.

However, Mr Taggart rejected this suggestion and said the sacking was related to Mr Tynan's poor performance as CEO.

On the sacking of Mr Tynan, the Dalton Report says relations between the board and Mr Tynan were worsening before he sent the letter to Mr O'Donoghue.

However it adds the letter from Mr Tynan to the Minister undoubtedly hastened the board's decision to dismiss him.

Tonight Mr Tynan has welcomed the findings of the report.