A Co Limerick mother of two has avoided prison today despite refusing to undertake not to interfere with work by Limerick County Council on the Pallaskenry-Kildimo water main.

Orla Kaiser from Kildimo was told by Mr Justice Iarlaith O'Neill in the High Court that she was creating ‘a head-on collision with the law’ and he urged her to consider her position.

Today, five people were before the High Court in relation to proceedings for committal and attachment initiated by the council over interference with work on the water main. 

Four of those present indicated they would continue to obey court orders until matters return to court on 6 July. However, Ms Kaiser refused to give the undertaking to abide by the court order.

Limerick County Council had sought to have the dispute adjourned before the court and said it was not pressing to have a sanction of prison imposed on Ms Kaiser. A meeting has been planned for tomorrow.

After a short adjournment, Ms Kaiser laid out conditions under which she would agree to the adjournment but was told by the judge that the proceedings were not a negotiation.

Mr Justice O'Neill told her that if the council was not pressing to jail her today, he was not going to put her in jail.

Ms Kaiser claims she is in this position because of the council's decision to take away the spring water source, which comes from Bleach Lough, from the people of her community. 

The group is campaigning against the introduction of the Shannon Estuary scheme.