The IRA has apologised to the family of a man it killed in Co Armagh 32 years ago.

Eugene McQuaid, a civilian, died in a bomb attack near Killeen meant for British soldiers.

In a statement, the IRA said he died because the bomb went off prematurely as he passed by.

It added that Mr McQuaid was not a member of the IRA or connected to the attack.

Earlier, the IRA said it has no responsibility for former members who are engaged in criminality for their own gain.

In its annual Easter statement the paramilitary group said it repudiated all criminal activity and denounced anybody who involved in it.

The statement was issued to the republican weekly newspaper 'An Phoblacht'.

The statement added: 'The leadership of Oglaigh na hEireann believes that it is possible to achieve the republican goal of a united Ireland through the alternative route of purely peaceful and democratic means.

The statement continued: 'However, in our view, the will of the people is to see advances in the political process. The onus is on the two governments and the political parties to ensure that this happens.

'The Irish Government, in particular, has a duty to see beyond the current phase of the process.

'Its responsibility is to promote an end to partition and to create the conditions for the unity and independence of Ireland.

'The IRA is fully committed to the ideals and principles of the Proclamation of Easter 1916. We urge maximum unity in the time ahead.'