A large group of Shell to Sea activists attempted to return a section of the Corrib Gas pipeline to the Statoil Offices at the IFSC in Dublin yesterday.

It is part of a campaign to draw public attention to Statoil's role in supporting Shell in its pipeline project  in North Mayo.

The gardaí, supported by a large number of private secirity guards, prevented the pipeline being brought into the office.

Earlier, Shell Ireland has said it wants to have direct dialogue with the principal objectors to its pipeline in Co Mayo.

It follows the High Court ruling today that the five men who are objecting to the construction of the pipeline in the Corrib Gas Field through Rossport are not to serve any more jail time for their contempt of court.

The five men were jailed last June when they breached a High Court order restraining interference with the construction of the pipeline.

They served over 90 days in jail before being released last September.

The former trade union leader Peter Cassells has been mediating between the company and the protestors.