A Sunday Mirror journalist who has been acquitted by the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court of forging prescriptions has said she is 'incredibly relieved it is all over'.

Naomi McElroy, from Grove Park Drive in Glasnevin, had pleaded not guilty to ten counts of forging and presenting the prescriptions in five Dublin pharmacies.

On the third day of the trial she was acquitted by direction of the trial judge following legal argument.

Afterwards, she said that all she had set out to do was her job and pursued the story after her editor read an article in a medical journal that anyone can fill a prescription and get a prescription pad from a printers.

She said she did not even know she was breaking the law and never thought she would be prosecuted.

Her acquittal came after legal argument by her counsel Paul Burns who said that in order for an offence to be committed under the Misuse of Drugs Act the prescription must purport to be issued by a registered medical practitioner.

He said the prosecution evidence did not suggest that Naomi McElroy had tried to replicate any particular person.

Her statement to gardaí said she had signed the prescription with 'a squiggle'.