An Oireachtas sub-committee considering the Barron Report on the murder of Seamus Ludlow began public hearings today.

Mr Ludlow, a 47-year-old single man from Dundalk, was shot dead as he walked home from a pub on 2 May 1976.

Relatives of Mr Ludlow were before the committee today.

Two public interest groups, Justice for the Forgotten and British Irish Rights Watch, were also to make their views known to the committee.

The Barron Report into Mr Ludlow's murder sharply criticised a garda investigation into his death.

The RUC told the gardaí in 1979 that it believed four named loyalists were involved in the killing but it seems this information was not pursued by the gardaí at the time.

The report also concluded that Mr Ludlow had nothing to connect him with any subversive organisations.