The North's Police Ombudsman has tonight spelled out the resources and powers required for an effective ombudsman's service. 

Speaking at the opening of the Macgill Summer School in Co Donegal, Nuala O’Loan, said proper, accountable policing, north and south, is essential. 

She described it as the bedrock of the exercise of the rule of law.

She detailed how the service in Northern Ireland has 128 staff. 

Her office has powers of arrest, search, seizure of documents and materials such as vehicles, guns, batons and police records.  She must be given access to all police material if she decides it is needed.

She also has the right of access to national intelligence, which is currently the ultimate responsibility of the PSNI chief constable, Hugh Orde.

In her role as ombudsman, Nuala O’Loan has recommended the prosecution of 60 charges against police officers.