Two Canadian men who received suspended jail sentences and heavy fines for air rage related offences have been given leave by the High Court to seek orders quashing their convictions.

Accountant Warren Clamen and architect Guy Saint-Arnaud were aboard a New York to London flight when it was forced to divert to Shannon.

Three cabin crew members were assaulted in two separate incidents during the flight.

At Gort District Court last Monday, the men were given suspended sentences of nine and 12 months and fined €6,200 and €5,550 respectively.

They avoided prison sentences with offers to pay €20,000 compensation to the airline and $12,000 (€10,053.21) each into the court fund.

The judge also ordered that the Civil Aviation Organisation in Montreal be notified of details of the case. The two men were also banned from flying for two years.

They have now left the country.

However, in the High Court today, Mr Clamen and Mr Saint-Arnaud were given leave to seek orders quashing their convictions.