The Garda Commissioner says he expects between 200-300 people to come to Dublin this weekend to try to cause trouble.

Noel Conroy says the Gardaí have gathered intelligence and information from the Internet. Most of the ‘troublemakers’ he says are coming from Britain and some have carried out reconnaissance trips here.

The commissioner says the gardaí have no power to stop these people coming into Ireland but they will be kept under surveillance.

He says the majority of people who want to protest, want to do so peacefully. However, gardaí believe these people will come armed and try to mix with marchers and cause trouble.

Ropes have been found in the Phoenix Park and raids on unoccupied homes and flats in Dublin have recovered protective padding, spray paint, Womble stencils and bleach.

Gardaí are drawing up a list and checking empty buildings for squatters.

Over 1,000 gardaí in riot gear will be on standby. The security operation is expected to cost over €4m.

The defence forces will also have over 2,500 soldiers on duty in Farmleigh, the Phoenix Park and around the city. The Army Bomb Disposal Unit will be on duty and the Naval Service will patrol Dublin Bay.