Columnist John Waters has been reinstated to his position at The Irish Times following a four-hour meeting with the newspaper's editor, Geraldine Kennedy.

He had been dismissed by the editor on Saturday after he had said that her editorship was compromised.

The meeting today was described as 'frank, candid and friendly'.

Mr Waters regretted that the use by him of the word 'compromised' in an RTÉ interview had been taken to apply to the personal or professional integrity of the editor.

He said that was not his intention.

Mr Waters acknowledged that Ms Kennedy had always exercised her role as editor in an appropriate manner in accordance with the laws of libel and the requirement to adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and good taste.

He accepted that the editor had applied these criteria to the column submitted by him for publication on 10 November.

Ms Kennedy stated that her differences with Mr Waters did not arise from his decision to comment publicly on her editorial judgement but from his comments in the RTÉ interview.