A sister of the late John Carthy has told the Barr Tribunal that she was never concerned at any stage that her brother held a firearm.

Marie Carthy told the Tribunal she was not worried because her brother was dealing with his depression, was taking his medication and was meeting his doctors whenever he needed medical assistance.

She said John had never experienced depression until her father's death in 1990. He then took on the role of a father figure in the family, she said, and things 'got on top of him'.

Ms Carthy told the Tribunal she was surprised the Gardaí were called to her family home in the first place when her brother John got into a disagreement.

She said she was also surprised to hear he was in the house with a gun and had made arrangements some days previously for him to attend an appointment with his psychiatrist in Dublin.

She said that after the incident when the mascot goat was burned John had been upset by 'slagging' which went on locally and an article about the incident which subsequently appeared in the Sunday World.

She said John was worried about getting his mother settled into her new house and that he had rung her a number of times on the weekend prior to the siege.

She said that when she was asked to come from Galway on the day the siege began she spoke to the Gardaí and told her cousin, Thomas Walsh, to tell the Gardaí that the family's solicitor name was Gearty.

Ms Carthy recalled an incident in Galway which took place in 2000 when her brother got involved in 'a bit of a fight' in a pub.

She said they were asked to leave the pub and that she was afraid something else might happen.

She told the Tribunal John was never aggressive but that she asked a Garda on the street in Galway to help her to get a doctor.

Marie Carthy said she did not remember telling the Garda that John was suicidal, but agreed that she could have said it.

Earlier, Ms Carthy said that after John had been arrested in 1998 he rang her and told her of mistreatment he received in the Garda Station in Granard.

She said after this he did not trust the Gardaí and was afraid of them.

She added that he never made a complaint about the treatment given to him because he was afraid.