The EU has condemned a phone bugging system discovered this morning at its Brussels headquarters.

The system targeted a number of delegations inside the Council building, including phone lines used by the French, Germans and the British.

The bugging was apparently put in place via the council's switchboard to monitor telephone lines to rooms used by delegations inside the building.

The building is the venue for meetings of EU ministers and leaders.

Greek Foreign Minister George A Papandreou, whose country holds the EU presidency, said the details of the phone taps were being investigated.

'We will be waiting for the results,' he told reporters, adding that they would take the appropriate measures afterwards.

Officials are reluctant to speculate on who was behind the move. 'I deny that we have identified whoever was responsible, whether it was the Americans, the Russians, the Chinese or whoever. We have launched an investigation, a council official told AFP.

A spokesman for the US mission to the EU declined to comment on the report.