The Peace and Neutrality Alliance and the Limerick-based Mid West Alliance against Military Aggression, have pulled out of this Saturday's peace rally at Shannon over fears there could be violence.

The 'Grassroots network against War' a website of one of the groups involved in this weekend's peace protest, had called on people taking part to trespass, and 'help pull the airport perimeter fence down'.

Edward Horgan, a former Army captain who now heads the Peace and Neutrality Alliance, said this afternoon the action called for on the Grassroots website made it almost inevitable that there would be a confrontation with the Gardaí and the Army as well as increasing the possibility of violence, which his group was totally opposed to.

The Peace and Neutrality Alliance has instead called for a peace rally on 8 March, International Woman's day and said that St Patrick's day should be designated as a Day of Peace.