It is understood that talks between Garda management and representatives of rank and file members have resolved difficulties over the introduction of the penalty points system on Thursday.

The Minister for Transport, Seamus Brennan, had insisted that the first element of the scheme - with points being accrued by speeding drivers - would go ahead on Thursday, despite concerns expressed by Garda representative associations.

He also said that from 1 January, all drivers must carry their Driving Licence. The penalty for failing to do so has yet to be decided.

Assistant Garda Commissioner, Tony Hickey, has said that by tomorrow every garda in the country will be aware of the details of the scheme and that the force will be able to cope with the extra work load.

He was speaking at the official launch of the first stage of the new system this afternoon.

Seamus Brennan said he expected that insurance companies would take account of penalty points and that he would be talking to the industry about how this would be done.