The Government has appointed two new members of the Flood Tribunal into planning irregularities and other matters. Senior Counsel Alan Mahon and Mary Faherty will serve alongside Mr Justice Feargus Flood.

Another barrister, Gerald Keys will be appointed as a reserve member and will hear evidence. He will become a full member of the Tribunal if an existing member becomes unable to carry on.

The appointments will be made as soon as all three are appointed Circuit Court judges, which will require legislation increasing the number of judges at that level.

Mr Justice Flood requested the Government to provide the extra members to assist him last June. He said at that time he had completed his enquiries in relation to payments made to former Minister, Ray Burke, but that a substantial number of rezoning decision made by Dublin County Council would have to be enquired into. He then asked the Oireachtas to provide him with extra members as a matter of urgency.

The opposition has criticised the Government for not acting quickly enough, but Ministers and the Attorney General maintained any delay had been due to the difficulty in identifying suitable candidates.