A young Dubliner's solution to a previously unsolved mathematical problem has won him this year's Esat Young Scientists Award. David Michael O'Doherty, a fifth year student in Gonzaga College in Dublin, examined an unsolved problem in number theory.

The 38th Young Scientists and Technology exhibition, sponsored by ESAT, continues to attract high levels of creativity and brainpower from the country's students.

Among the hundreds of exhibits were examinations of the effects of sitka spruce forests on the ecology of Donegal and effects of bacteria found in toothbrushes.

There were remote controlled wheelchairs and a survey of the geography of the dead brought a group runner up prize to Cork students.

However, the young Dubliner's project, which examined an unsolved problem in number theory, which won the overall prize this year.

He is in fifth year and has already finished the Leaving Certificate course. He hopes to go on to study theoretical physics in university.