Thousands of fans were left bitterly disappointed this morning after tickets for the U2 concert at Slane Castle in County Meath sold out in less than an hour. Fans queued for hours, many through the night, in cities throughout the country. But thousands found that they had been beaten to the tickets by fans booking over the internet and telephone. The concert is to be held on 25 August.

Many fans had queued all night in the hope of getting tickets for U2's concert, but their hopes were dashed within 45 minutes as the tickets were snapped up at ticket outlets around the country, on special phone lines and on the internet.

There were angry scenes outside the Ticketmaster outlet at HMV on Dublin's Grafton Street after fans, many of whom had stayed up all night, were turned away. Garda reinforcements were called into the area as the situation intensified. Eventually a Ticketmaster spokesman came out to give the fans the answers they were demanding. After today's scenes, calls for a second U2 gig this summer are likely to grow.