The first protected witness has begun giving evidence against John Gilligan at his trial for the murder of Veronica Guerin at the Special criminal Court. John Dunne, who is a manager with a freight company, is serving three years in the Witness Protection Programme at Arbour Hill prison for importing cannabis resin into the country. The prosecution claims he was paid by Gilligan to do this. Gilligan's defence counsel objected to Dunne pointing him out in court. The three judges will decide tomorrow on whether Gilligan can be identified by Dunne from the dock.

Earlier, the court heard that another protected witness, Charles Bowden, was prepared to give evidence against the murderers of Veronica Guerin whether or not he himself was charged with that murder. Detective Inspector John O’Mahony told the court that Bowden agreed to do this four months before he was granted immunity from prosecution for the murder. His defence is claiming that the investigation into the murder was not impartial and that Bowden was given special treatment.