Charles Haughey came under sustained pressure at the Moriarty Tribunal today when asked to explain details of the sale of a horse from his Abbeville stud, to a Saudi diplomat. Mr Haughey disagreed with evidence given by Dr John O’Connell who described the transaction as unusual. He also contradicted evidence given last year by his personal assistant claiming that she was "mistaken."

Charles Haughey insisted today that the sale of a yearling in 1985 from his stud farm, Abbeville, to a wealthy Arab bloodstock dealer was a normal commercial transaction. Tribunal lawyers spent the morning questioning Mr Haughey in great detail about this transaction. They want to know why payment for this yearling came through the former Fianna Fail Minister, Dr John O'Connell. They also want to know why this payment of £50,000 came in the form of a cheque made out to cash which meant the identity of both the payee and the recipient were obscured.

The Tribunal has found that neither the Arab dealer, Mr Mahmoud Fustock, Charles Haughey or anyone who worked at Abbeville stud during this time can remember any details of the sale of the yearling although they all maintain that it did take place.