The RUC Chief Constable has told RTÉ that he believes dissident republicans are poised to carry out an attack somewhere along the border in the immediate future. Speaking in Belfast this morning, Sir Ronnie Flanagan said there was a growing threat from a coalition of the so-called Real IRA, the Continuity IRA and the INLA. He said there is a definite structure to this organisation, which is describing itself as Oglaigh na hEireann. He said the RUC had noticed increase in their activities which was a great cause for concern.

Mr Flanagan said that while the numbers of this group were not great, it had a lot of expertise and terrorist experience. He said it is his belief that the group is interested in carrying out an attack somewhere along the border in the immediate future and that both the RUC and the Gardaí were working to prevent that.

It is understood that the RUC Chief Constable has already deployed additional British Army troops to the border area in an attempt to try and thwart a gun or bomb attack on the security forces. Security sources believe the so-called Real IRA, which is supposed to be on ceasefire, decided to wait a while after the first anniversary of the Omagh bombing before launching an attack.