The Irish Amateur Swimming Association has been wound up and a new organisation, Swim Ireland, has been formed to take its place. However, at a meeting in Dublin today, there was criticism from those representing the victims of abuse that the new body was merely a new title with the same people in charge.

The outgoing President of the Association, Mary O'Malley, said she now regrets defending the organisation in the past. Mrs O'Malley said that she is now aware of new information, which shows that the alleged abuser, George Gibney, was endorsed as a coach at a meeting during which claims against him were discussed.

Delegates representing victims of child sex abuse gave details of what went on while parents waited to collect their children. There were calls for all the members of the executive to resign, and not stand for renomination in the new body. However, one delegate said that would only be a cosmetic change, while what was needed was real change.

Other delegates at the meeting called on the Minister for Sport, Dr. Jim McDaid, to apologise for comments that abuse was rife in swimming. One delegate said the Minister was tarnishing all coaches and teachers with the same brush as those who had been convicted of abuse.

Maura Cunningham, who represents victims, said that "this evil thing" has prevailed in the sport and people who were there for twenty to thirty years did nothing to prevent it.

At the beginning of the meeting the delegates voted against their executive advice to bar the media from the proceedings, and invited them to stay.