The perfect dinner for St. Patrick's Day.


Serves 4

  • I pkt Irish pork loin chops(700g)
  • I pkt bacon lardons (125g)
  • I head of Savoy cabbage (815g)
  • I carton of double cream(250ml)
  • I chicken stock cube
  • 1 red apple (155g) cored , cut into quarters and finely sliced.
  • 1/2 tbsp English
  • A splash of sunflower oil for the cabbage and some more for the chops.
  • Salt and pepper.


  1. Remove the outer leaves of the cabbage and compost or throw away.
  2. Cut the cabbage into quarters, remove the stems ,finely shred then wash well.
  3. Heat up a frying pan , add some oil and when lightly smoking carefully add your chops( feel free to grill the chops if you like but they will take a little longer.
  4. Cook the chops for 5 minutes on each side, season and keep warm.
  5. Meanwhile heat up some oil in a decent sized pot, add the lardons of bacon and cook for 2 minutes, then stir in the apples and cabbage along with a little splash of water.
  6. Crumble in the stock cube and add the cream ,salt and pepper.
  7. Place a lid on the pot and cook over a high heat for 5-6 minutes stirring once or twice.
  8. Add the mustard, salt and pepper and serve with the chops.