Today's chef was Eric Matthews from Chapter One in Dublin. He made a dish of hand-dived scallops, smoked eel, cauliflower, fermented horseradish cream and picked red dulce seaweed.


Recipe per 1 portion:

  • 2 hand dived scallops cleaned and dried
  • 25 g smoked eel 
  • 25 g cauliflower florets (small pieces)
  • 15 g pickled seaweed 

Fermented horseradish cream: 

  • 500ml cream reduced to 250ml
  • 200ml crab stock reduced to 50ml 
  • Bonito vinegar to season (available from specialized stores)
  • Fermented horseradish juice 

Fermented horseradish juice: 

  • 1 kg fresh horseradish grated 
  • 20g salt 
  • 5g sugar 
  • 250g chopped shallot 

Pickled red dulce:

  • 200g Fresh red dulce seaweed (dried is fine)


  • 250ml rice vinegar 
  • 50g sugar 
  • 50ml soy sauce 
  • 15g Dried shrimp dashi 

Cauliflower purée 

  • 500g cauliflower 
  • 100g cream 
  • 100g milk 
  • 20g butter 

Scallop stock 

  • 500 ml mussel stock (the water from steaming)
  • 1 kg of fresh cleaned mussels required for the stock 
  • 200 g scallop skirts thoroughly cleaned


Fermented horseradish juice: 

  1. Combine in a Kilner jar and leave for two months


  1. Boil the ingredients for the pickle and add the seaweed while it is hot, allow to cool

Cauliflower purée 

  1. Sweat the cauliflower in the butter until soft add the milk and cream and cook for five minutes or until it’s reduced by about half, blend in a food processor and keep warm until required

Scallop stock 

  1. Reserve the mussels for another dish- mussel linguini is my favourite) but for this dish, we only required the stock.
  2. Cook the scallop skirts quickly in a hot pan then add the stock infuse with some dry seaweed and finish with lemon juice and keep until heating.

To finish the dish 

  1. Cook the scallops in a hot frying pan until they are cooked how you prefer 
  2. Quickly sauté the cauliflower florets in some butter and season lightly 
  3. Warm the sauces, the purée and the smoked eel 
  4. Plate up however you like and enjoy!