Kevin Ahearn makes a dish of glazed bacon knuckle with cider & honey, green cabbage & apple dressing on Today with Maura and Dáithí.


There is a lot more to Irish food than bacon and cabbage. But there’s no denying it its one of my favourite comfort dishes to eat. I've added a few tweaks to this old classic to give it a modern feel full of flavour and perfect for St Patrick's day #thisisirishfood

Ingredients for 4 people 

  •  2  bacon knuckles 
  •  1 carrot ( diced )
  •  1 onion ( diced )
  •  1 stick celery  (diced)
  •  1 bay leaf
  •  Bunch thyme 
  •  I bottle of dry cider 
  •  500ml water 

For the glaze 

  •  2 tbsp local honey
  •  1 tbsp brown sugar
  •  1 tsp Irish mustard 
  •  1 tsp salt 

For the cabbage 

  • 1 head of green cabbage 
  • 1 tbsp butter

For the apple dressing 

  •  1 apple ( peeled & diced )
  •  200g celeriac (peeled & diced )
  •  1 tsp honey
  •  1tsp cider vinegar
  •  1 tbsp rapeseed oil 
  •  3 g chopped fennel ( optional)


  1. Kevin Ahern Bacon and CabbagePut the knuckles in a pot of cold water & bring to the boil to remove excess salt
  2. Remove from the pot & Place the knuckles in a roasting tray & add the vegetables, cider, water & thyme (the liquid should be halfway up the meat)
  3. Place in the oven at 175, gas mark 4 - Braise for 2 ½ hrs turning halfway through4.Remove from the oven set the knuckles aside and strain the juices from the tray 
  4. Once the knuckle has cooled slightly mix the ingredients together for the glaze and cover the knuckle. Return to the oven on a baking tray  @175 gas mark 5 for 35-30 minutes 
  5. For the dressing simply mix the ingredients in a bowl & set aside.
  6. For the cabbage bring the cooking liquid to the boil and cook the cabbage for 3 minutes. Then toss in a little butter.
  7. For serving, this really is a tear and share type of dish so I would serve the dish on a large tray in the centre of the table.
  8. Cabbage on the bottom the glazed knuckles on top with a generous spoon of the dressing over both.  Let everyone help themselves, family style. Enjoy!