Oliver Dunne's recipe as seen on The Today Show


  • 12 medium scallops (coral removed)
  • 1 lemon grass
  • 1 pkt sliced cured ham, procuitto/bayonne/parma
  • 200 g wild rocket
  • 1 small piece of parmesan cheese (reggiano)
  • 60 ml balsamic vinegar (reduce to 20ml)
  • 60 ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tbls butter
  • 1 lemon


  • Cut the ham into 12 even strips and roll each strip around the outside of the scallop.
  • Place 3 scallops beside one another, roughly the same size.
  • Cut the lemon grass lengthways into 4 sticks & skewer the 3 scallops together.
  • Heat up a frying pan, when hot add a splash of olive oil then place the scallop skewers into the pan with the exposed flesh facing down.
  • Cook one on a high heat for 1min approx then turn down & repeat on the other side for a further minute, the scallop flesh should turn a nice golden colour. Turn the scallop again onto the ham side for 20-30 seconds either side to make it crispy.
  • Finally add a small piece of butter & a few drops of lemon juice to the pan and spoon over the top for 5 seconds.
  • Remove from the pan onto some kitchen towel to absorb the excess fat.
  • Mix the reduced balsamic with the olive oil to make the dressing, spoon a little over the rocket leaves and divide the leaves between each plate.
  • Shave the parmesan with a veg. peeler over the top of the leaves and the brochette on top of that.