The season for perfectly ripe summer fruit is unfortunately all too short.


  • 400 ml white wine
  • 175 g sugar
  • sliced strawberries
  • slivers of nectarine
  • raspberries
  • 5 sheets of gelatine


  • The season for perfectly ripe summer fruit is unfortunately all too short. And this is a recipe for capturing the taste and putting it in a sweet wine jelly and it's an extremely easy thing to do.
  • So we have about 400ml of wine - this is just ordinary white wine.
  • If you use a sweet dessert wine, you can use less sugar - there's about 175g going into this.
  • So we are going to dissolve the sugar into the wine and then chop the strawberries a little bit.
  • When you make up the jelly, do it in two stages and that way we make sure we have fruit the whole way through the jelly. If we put it all in at once, it'll just float to the top.
  • You could double the quantities of this jelly and make quite a big one in a terrine, but I prefer not to have all the stress of perfectly turned out desserts and I think it's an easier thing to make them in individual dishes.
  • The slivers of nectarine and the raspberries can go in whole. Of course you can mix and match all sorts of fruit: you could use blackberries, blackcurrants, melons or peaches.
  • When the sugar is already dissolved, soak the gelatine in very cold water for a few minutes while you prepare the rest of the fruit.
  • When the gelatine is soaked through, squeeze it out well and dissolve it in the wine.
  • Now first of all, put a small layer of strawberries in the bottom of each bowl and pour the first layer of jelly onto those.
  • Then put that into the fridge to set just hard enough that we can put another layer of fruit on.
  • Add a few raspberries this time, some nectarines and that's it.
  • Leave the little dishes in the fridge to set for another hour and it really is the perfect summertime dessert, because you get all the wine, without the kick of the alcohol, and it's incredibly refreshing.