Irish musician Niall Breslin, better known as Bressie, has joined Toyota Ireland's new #FaceItDown campaign along with RTÉ 2FM's Eoghan McDermott and Blathnaid Treacy.

We caught up with Bressie to find out about the campaign, his first car and if he passed the driver's test first time around. Watch the full interview above.

The fine for using a mobile phone while driving is €60 and two penalty points, despite this, many drivers are continuing to text and drive. 

Earlier this year, an AA survey revealed that 46.5% of people said they had witnessed the use of mobile phones while driving "on a daily basis".

In response to this growing issue, the #FaceItDown app was launched in association with the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and Topaz - the great thing is that the app works regardless of your brand of car. 

How does the app work? Watch the vid and read below.

How the app works:
Drivers open the app before setting off on their journey and simply leave their phone face down. Points will be earned for every kilometre driven without picking up the phone. However, if the phone is turned over while driving, all points will be lost.

Points accrued can be redeemed against a complimentary hot drink for every 350 KM’s travelled at 159 participating Topaz Re Store sites across Ireland. 250 bonus points will be awarded for a user’s first successful journey and at interim periods.

Bressie joined fellow #FaceItDown ambassador Eoghan McDermott on RTÉ 2fm yesterday afternoon to discuss their work on the campaign. Listen below: