Almost half (46.77%) of the 7,000 drivers surveyed said they believed driver behaviour was worst in Dublin, with Donegal coming second with 19.25 % and Cork third with 5.34 per cent. Drivers seem to get a lot nicer elsewhere, with other counties attracting only a small number of complaints. Just 0.26 of those surveyed would regard drivers in Sligo and Leitrim as the worst behaved.

Those surveyed were asked which county had the worst behaved drivers, based on personal past experience. 

“This is an opportunity to highlight the increasingly common issue on Irish roads of rudeness and poor driver behaviour", says Conor Faughnan of the AA . “Every day we come across cases of dangerous overtaking, drivers failing to acknowledge the right of way and motorists ignoring many rules of the road.”

“Because we do it so often we tend to under-appreciate how dangerous driving truly is and these kinds of behaviour not only put the offending motorist at greater risk of being involved in an incident, but can also increase the risk to other drivers and vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.”

See how your country fares in the driver behaviour stakes.