Each week on RTÉ LifeStyle, we will have a series of exercise tutorials from the experts at ExWell Medical. Watch today's exercise in the video above. Today we are focusing on the core. 

Our core can be thought of as a belt that wraps around our middle and includes our abdominal and back muscles. A strong core is important for everyday tasks such as getting out of a chair or climbing a flight of stairs. It also helps us maintain good posture, and is beneficial when performing any sort of physical activity.

These seated exercises are low impact but still challenging, especially if you don't regularly train your core muscles. 

Remember to keep your neck and shoulders relaxed, pull your belly button in towards your spine and breathe comfortably. Slow down your movements, too - speed is not the goal in core training.

These tips will help you to sit taller and get more benefit from the exercises. Feel free to repeat this video twice or three times if you can, taking a rest in between. Let us know on Facebook how you get on.