Everyday life can often get quite hectic. It's sometimes hard to find the time to meditate or just to take ten minutes to take a few deep breaths. However, it's important that we remind ourselves of the significance of taking that time just for yourself. Even if it is just for ten minutes.

Here are ways to make you feel more at ease throughout your day.

Taking the time out to read a good book even just for a few minutes can allow your brain just to switch off and go into the world of the book you're reading.

Self-care books aren't for everyone, but if you're into quick reads that are motivational in their language then maybe you should give it a try.

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Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday has a page for every day of the year. Each one has a message for each day, meaning you only have to read one page at a time. There's definitely enough time in the day for that.


Sometimes going to the gym means driving there, changing, "gyming", showering, and then driving back home again. It's great for you, but it can be time-consuming. Coming home from a long day, slipping into a comfy pair of runners and popping out for a ten-minute walk is a fast, easy and effective way to not only get exercise but to also clear your head. You can walk in silence or else it gives you a chance to get into a good podcast or listen to some music.


When we hear the word 'pampering' we think of a long-winded weekend that seems so far away that it's almost as if we'll only get to experience it in our dreams. But that's not the case. A simple shower or a face mask can often make us feel rejuvenated yet relaxed. Painting your toenails can even be quite calming. And you know how the saying goes, 'look good, feel good, play good'. 

Writing stuff down

Another way to feel less pressure during your day is by writing down your schedule and trying to stick to it as much as possible. Not only does it give your day some structure but you also feel a sense of achievement by the end of the day when that list is all ticked off. 

Getting your sleep

Sleep is vital for our brain function. A lack of sleep means a lack of motivation during your day. Making a time that you go to sleep at every night and sticking to it will make for a good night's sleep. You'll wake up feeling well rested, and ready for your day.