The list of fun things about summer is basically endless, what with day drinking, BBQs and a constant tan. However, one thing that might be negatively affected is the quality of sleep.

Hot weather is a sure-fire way to ruin your night, as you can spend hours tossing and turning while your body feels like the temperature of the sun. It’s not even a great idea to use a fan in your bedroom, because that can circulate dust and pollen and exacerbate any allergies you might have.

This is why people have been searching for other ways to cool themselves down, and some are swearing by bamboo sheets, which are not only soft and comfortable, but eco-friendly.

"Bamboo fibres are longer, smoother and rounder than cotton which makes them softer on the skin," explains MedicSpot GP Dr Farah Gilani. "Bamboo fibres are also organic and not chemically treated so they’re less likely to irritate your skin."

This is all very well and good, but there’s a reason more people are turning to them in summer. Gilani says: "Bamboo sheets are also breathable, and so are better at allowing air to circulate and regulating body temperature than cotton sheets. This means that they keep you warm in cold temperatures and cool in the heat, which can lead to better quality sleep."

So these sheets can improve your sleep, but they can also make you feel better during the day. "Sleeping with thick sheets during hot and humid conditions can cause your body to sweat excessively. Losing too much water at night makes you dehydrated, causing you to feel fatigued and groggy during the day," Gilani says.

"Bamboo sheets help to minimise this, both by keeping the body cool and by drawing moisture away from the skin and allowing it to evaporate quickly."

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In case you weren’t already sold, Gilani adds: "This moisture-wicking quality also helps to keep the sheets clean, as a moist environment can breed bacteria. Bamboo also has innate antibacterial properties, some of which are retained when sheets are created from it.

"Furthermore, the breathable nature of bamboo repels house dust mites, a common allergen which can cause symptoms such as rash, sneezing or wheezing. Thus, bamboo sheets are considered hypoallergenic and are therefore better for individuals with allergies."

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All in all, it sounds like a pretty good switch to us – and an eco-friendly one at that. However, bamboo sheets are unlikely to magically fix any chronic sleep issues, so Gilani says: "If you’re still having trouble sleeping, try going to sleep at regular times and make sure to wind down before going to bed. Speak with your GP for more advice and support on how to get a better night’s sleep."