With the support of Janssen, Aware, and See Change, Maeve O'Neill created a garden for Bloom 2019 with an aim to spark conversations surrounding mental health.

Maeve is a landscape architect, sculptor and the founder of Realise Landscape Architects and her large show garden, Grounded – Growing Conversations Around Mental Illness, has one very important purpose: to break down the stigma surrounding mental illness.

The central theme of the display shows how a conversation can be the first step on the journey of recovery. Unfortunately, the stigma related to mental illness can result in a delay in reaching out for support.

With this in mind, Maeve's space welcomes both groups and individuals to start important conversations in a setting that reflects the varied nature of mental illness. It incorporates ideas and drawings that were conceived through a series of hands-on workshops with people living with or affected by mental illness.

The garden has been created with steel and stone, materials that reflect the strength and resilience of those living with mental illness. The design highlights that an open conversation can be the first step along the path to recovery thereby infusing a positive message of hope.

Watch the video above to hear Maeve O'Neill explain the concept further.