Weather is essential to Irish culture. From the viral sensation that was the 'slipping on ice guy' on RTÉ News to the remix of Teresa Mannion's impassioned warning of unnecessary journeys that Ariana Grande was so fond of - the weather entertains and informs us on a daily basis.

We go nuts when it snows, we complain when it rains, we run to the 40 foot with a 99 in hand in Summer and we run to the 40 foot with no 99 in hand in winter - we truly have a grá for all seasons. 

In saying that, we have to admit that there is nowhere better in the world than Ireland on a sunny day. Once the thermometer hits 12 degrees, and the clouds clear, we pounce on our gardens; whipping out rusted BBQs, slathering on suncream and blowing up discount paddling pools.

No day is complete, however, until the magical sound of the ice-cream van comes into earshot.

To celebrate Weather Live, RTÉ' One's landmark show that delves into the details of weather and our relationship to it, we're sharing a video with Mr. Ripple himself. Watch it above.

Watch Weather Live on Thursday, 2nd of May at 7.00pm on RTÉ One. Watch the first two episodes on RTÉ Player.