To kick off 2019, fitness blogger, online influencer and motivational speaker Rob Lipsett has decided to give "traditional media" a go. The YouTube star is bringing his followers offline and into bookshops with his new book The Rob Lipsett Game Plan: Transform Your Body with My 3 Point Mindset, Nutrition, and Training Plan.

"I want to reach as many people as possible. I want to transform as many lives as possible, get as many people fit as possible," Rob told RTÉ LifeStyle. 

"I'm used to putting out videos, and online training guides, e-books - all that sort of thing - but I said that if I'm going to reach everyone and hit every demographic, I'm going to need to come out with a physical book and go to that print format, get it in stores." 

According to the 27-year-old, the book is aimed at everyone but has a particular focus on fitness novices, featuring different training plans depending on the level of the reader and their personal goals.

"I often say that if you're advanced, you probably don't need any more advice - you're advanced. This is actually more focused on beginners and covering the basics."

What are the basics, you may ask? Well, it seems that things have gone way beyond the 'walking cardio' workouts of the 1980s (sorry, Jane Fonda) as terms like 'micro-loading', 'de-loading', 'carb backloading', and 'intermittent fasting' have become popularised by fitness gurus on Instagram.

If you're as mystified as we are, fear not. It seems that the online entrepreneur has made a concentrated effort to offer up a range of options for his readers, guiding them through various plans depending on their lifestyle.

"I actually list every approach to going about things and I let the reader choose" he explains.

"For example, someone who is intermittent fasting would have the same amount of calories as someone who is eating throughout the whole day but they would have their first meal at around 1pm or 2pm so you'd get to eat bigger, more satisfying, meals instead of six smaller meals. So, it's just about whoever prefers that."

As a qualified personal trainer and the co-owner of the Raw Gym Chain in Dublin, it's safe to say that Rob works out more than the average person but he insists that workouts should be tailored to the individual.

"On average, I train five to six days per week and then have an active rest day, I'll go for a hike or something but that's just what I like to do.

"You can get killer results from just three days, there are even pros to that like having more recovery and keeping your stress levels down and having more rest so a lot of it is down to personal preference."

For those of us who simply don't have the time to spend hours in the gym, Rob suggests putting the phone away and having your game plan to hand.

"You can get a killer workout done in 45 minutes. A lot of time, people go in and they're looking around, chatting with their mates, they're on their phone, posting a selfie to their Instagram story - they're doing everything but working out.

"If you just get a plan, have it open on your phone or in the book or write it down - have it before you go into the gym. Then you go in, you kill it, you leave. You're efficient and you're done in 45 minutes."

Ultimately, the book aims to get readers focused: to plan a realistic training regime, enjoy a sustainable diet and adjust expectations. 

Additional extras include the author's personal workout playlist, twenty healthy recipes - turkey burgers, burrito bowl, and macro-friendly pizza are all on the menu - and, most importantly, a realistic attitude.

Far from preaching a #fitspo lifestyle, the social media star insists that no person has to make fitness their top priority but they should be realistic about their results.

"Instead of making excuses, be honest with yourself. Just say 'I don't prioritise the gym' - that's fine! Maybe you have other priorities. Just don't be lying to yourself and making excuses.

The Rob Lipsett Game Plan: Transform Your Body with My 3 Point Mindset, Nutrition, and Training Plan is published by Penguin Random House Ireland and is on sale now.