It's not often that you can say that you literally ran after your beloved, but for one couple taking part in the Dublin Marathon this weekend, this is likely the very joke they'll be making during their vows. 

Proposing is an incredibly emotional experience, where every sensation feels heightened and the stakes are impossibly high. It's enough to make your head spin, but Shane Callaghan (28) from Carlow decided to go the extra mile and propose at a similarly euphoric moment - at the end of a 42km marathon.

If there's one thing that pairs well with romance and surprise, it's delirium and exhaustion (at least in this case).

Speaking to, Shane explained that he set his plan in motion five months ago, when he signed himself and his now-fiancée, Marguerite Kinsella (32) up for the marathon. Marguerite had never done a marathon before, so she set about training with Shane, oblivious to his romantic intentions. 

Shane told that he remembered finishing various marathons and feeling euphoric and overcome with emotion at the end of them. It seemed like the perfect way to sweep his beloved off her very tired feet. 

Shane managed to keep the plan a secret until last Sunday, aside from asking his and Marguerite's parents for their blessing. His experience of running marathons gave him a slight advantage in that he could finish before her and wait, ring in hand. 

After finishing at 3hrs 49min, Shane waited patiently for Marguerite to approach the finish line, clocking in at 4hrs 50min. When she saw Shane on one knee, her first thought was that he was injured, she told 

If their proposal is anything to go by, Shane and Marguerite seem to be off to a running start, and if that wasn't heartwarming enough, the couple also raised funds for ICU Steps, an intensive care support charity, for seven-year-old Callie Kavanagh, a seven-year-old Carlow native who has a rare cancer, Ewing's sarcoma.