Mick Molloy from Gorey, Wexford, was getting ready for his 6th year holiday in Santa Ponsa when he found a note in his suitcase from his mammy.

Any time a parent has to wave their child off on a post-Leaving Cert trip to the likes of Magaluf or Santa Ponsa, they are inevitably going to worry about their child's safety and wellbeing and while teenagers need to learn from their mistakes, there's no harm in giving them a few guidelines along the way.

The list ranges from the funny to the heartfelt as the unnamed mum lists nine solid rules to live by while travelling abroad.

Whether it be sticking with your friends, avoiding dodgy tattoo parlors or using condoms (that one got two stars beside it), this list is one to live by.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Avoid balconies completely
  2. Walk away from fights 
  3. Be careful crossing roads when drunk
  4. Late night swims result in drowning - don't do it
  5. Stay away from dodgy tattoo parlors with dirty needles, don't ruin your body by getting a tattoo
  6. Stick with your friends
  7. Look out for everyone
  8. Use condoms**
  9. Have respect for yourself & others