A Dublin Bus driver lost 4 stone in 12 weeks using a non-traditional method of weight loss.

Pat O’Neill, a father of three from Dublin, lost all the weight by using hypnosis and blue plates. 

The 52-year-old joined Dave Fanning on The Ryan Tubridy Show to tell him more about the so-called "Blue Plate Diet". 

Hypnosis is just the first step, Pat explained. Then you’re going to need to make a trip to the shops to buy some new plates. It’s thought we instinctively eat less when eating off of blue crockery.

One thing’s for sure. It’s not the most traditional path to weight loss.

"The idea behind a blue plate is there’s no naturally occurring blue food so it suppresses your appetite."

Pat told Dave that the hypnotist worked with him to make him feel like his stomach was smaller.

"He would eventually give you an imaginary gastric band, is the idea behind it. So, your stomach feels smaller, you eat less."

In total, Pat lost "5 stone, 5 pounds" in 21 weeks. As a Scout Leader, he says he feels the difference in his fitness since losing the weight.

"I started to struggle on hikes and all that and now I’m just fit as a fiddle, away I go."

In his day job, Pat works as a Dublin Bus driver. He told Dave how his routine has changed for the better because of this "lifestyle change".

"If I was on a late shift, I’d have a dinner before I’d leave the house, I’d go into the [work] canteen there with all intentions of having a sandwich. I’d have another dinner. If I had a dinner, I’d have a dessert and then possibly if I was sitting there longer, a cup of coffee and a cream cake…[Now,] I look at the snack and say, ‘No, I don’t want it. I just don’t feel the need to have it’."

Dave asked about whether Pat thinks he can sustain this long-term. Does his stomach know that it was hypnotised? Pat is optimistic. He feels he’s been more successful with the Blue Plate Diet than others he has tried in the past.

"I’ve now maintained this weight for 22 weeks…when I’ve dieted before, I’ve put the weight back on within a couple of weeks of stopping the diet."

Pat’s not the only one feeling the benefits.

"Before if it was raining out, I’d look out the window, look at the dog, ‘Sorry, you’re not going out there today’. Now, I just go out and I go for the walk. About an hour, an hour and a half every day."

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