Operation Transformation host Kathryn Thomas joined Ray D'Arcy on RTÉ Radio 1 to discuss how she is getting on with her pregnancy.

The TV presenter previously told RTÉ LifeStyle that, although she planned to train throughout her pregnancy, she realised that every woman is different and each individual should consult their doctor before committing to working out during their pregnancy.

"Every pregnancy is different, every woman is different, but I've gotten special clearance from my doctor and from the trainer that I work with," said Kathryn.

Kathryn is due on the 4th or 5th of April and has stayed active with her trainer, posting her workouts and yoga sessions to Instagram. You can watch her third-trimester workout below. 

On Operation Transformation Kathryn did a piece on exercising during pregnancy to find out what’s safe and what’s not. She told Ray that:

"I had, kind of, a real problem finding research and information when I got pregnant as to what was safe and what was not safe to do during pregnancy - exercise wise."

"I think because it had taken us, myself and Padraig, so long to get pregnant - I mean we were three years. I felt that I didn't want to jeopardize anything, I didn't want to put anything at risk so under advice for the first twelve weeks, I cut back on my gym."

As a super fit woman, Kathryn would exercise up to four times a week, whether it be in the gym, running outdoors, or walking the dogs. To suddenly pull back on all that activity, nearly sent the fitness guru daft,

"I mean, I was literally crawling the walls," she said.

"Eventually, when I was given the all-clear to go back, there were two things that happened to me.

"In my head, I was going... you have a fear element that sits there, that you don't want to put yourself at risk and then its like, whats safe and whats not safe to do?"

After a lot of research, conversations with the experts, and adjusting her weights in the gym by half, Kathryn was good to go.

However, the messages that Kathryn received in response to her work out videos on Instagram were mixed which is why she's decided to bring her newfound knowledge to OT.

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