Lads take themselves too seriously – so says rugby player Tomás O'Leary, the second contestant to be eliminated from this year’s Dancing with the Stars.

Paired with pro-dancer Giulia Dotta, Tomás performed a Paso Doble last night to Led Zepplin’s Immigrant's Song from the soundtrack of Thor: Ragnarok.

We spoke with the rugby star following his elimination to find out why men should embrace dancing and how he plans to stay fit now that he’s left the dance floor.

 "I think lads probably take themselves too seriously. Go out and have a bit of fun and embrace whatever is your passion - obviously, this was a bit of craic, dancing, coming from a sporting background but I’ve loved the whole process so anyone who gets a chance to dance – do it and embrace it."

Tomás is clearly in great shape after a career in rugby, but what are his future fitness plans post-DWTS? The sportsman says he’s ready to swap his dancing shoes for a hurl.

"Hopefully, I’ll maintain my fitness levels by [...] staying involved in sport. Obviously, keep a keen interest in rugby but I want to get back involved with my GAA club – hurling is one of my passions."

Tomás O'Leary
Tomás and Julie

Early in the competition, Tomás credited his wife, Julie, as having encouraged him to take part on the show. We asked Julie if her husband was a mover and shaker off-camera as well as on.

"Tomás has always loved Strictly and any night we have out in town, he thinks he is John Travolta anyway so yeah, I really encouraged it. I think, genuinely, when he sets his mind to something he does it really well and I think he did us so proud.

"He’s fantastic at dancing and it was a pity this week, the Paso Doble was really tough. I don’t think he deserved to go but it was fantastic, we really enjoyed it."

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